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1271 Kishan Sudeep - Dharmesh Patel Oakleigh Cricket Club South/East 4th XI6 1 Elsternwick
2243 Nick Thorburn - Tony Sheppard Brighton Cricket Club South/East 4th XI1 1 Ormond
3185 Samuel Phelan - Gareth Campbell Oakleigh Cricket Club South/East 3rd XI1 1 Moorabbin
4191 James Perkins-Stafford - Lewis Palmer Brighton Cricket Club South/West 2nd XI1 1 Ormond
5169 Chris Spinella - Tristan Kassis St Bernard's OC Cricket Club North/East 1st XI2 1 Coburg
6164 Matthew Dervan - Brenton Hodges Williamstown Cricket Club South/West 1st XI5 1 Hoppers Crossing
7259 Bijith Balakrishnan - Dinesh Peddireddy Moorabbin Cricket Club South/East 3rd XI5 1 Noble Park
8106 Jack Noble - Muhammad Zubair Yarraville Cricket Club South/West 2nd XI5 1 Malvern
9117 Brendan Frank - Kirtan Patel Noble Park Cricket ClubSouth/East 4th XI6 1 Croydon
1093 James Baker - Ethan Timmins Plenty Valley Cricket Club North/West 3rd XI1 1 Coburg

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